Classical Mechanics Student Solutions Manual

Classical Mechanics Student Solutions Manual

By: John R. Taylor

Publication date: January 2020
ISBN: 9781940380032
Subject: Physics

This is the authorized Student Solutions Manual for John R. Taylor's internationally best-selling textbook, Classical Mechanics.

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In response to popular demand, University Science Books is delighted to announce the one and only authorized Student Solutions Manual for John R. Taylor’s internationally best-selling textbook, Classical Mechanics.  This splendid little manual, by the textbook’s own author, restates the odd-numbered problems from the book and the provides crystal-clear, detailed solutions.  Of course, the author strongly recommends that students avoid sneaking a peek at these solutions until after attempting to solve the problems on their own!  But for those who put in the effort, this manual will be an invaluable study aid to help students who take a wrong turn, who can’t go any further on their own, or who simply wish to check their work.  Now available in print and ebook formats.

Language: English
Publisher: University Science Books
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John R. Taylor

John Taylor received his B.A. in math from Cambridge University in 1960 and his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Berkeley in 1963. He is professor emeritus of physics and Presidential Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is the author of some 40 articles in research journals; a book, Classical Mechanics; and three other textbooks, one of which, An Introduction to Error Analysis, has been translated into eleven foreign languages. He received a Distinguished Service Citation from the American Association of Physics Teachers and was named Colorado Professor of the Year in 1989. His television series Physics for Fun won an Emmy Award in 1990. John is now retired and lives in South Portland, Maine.