Interpretation of Mass Spectra

Interpretation of Mass Spectra

By: Fred W. McLafferty, Frantisek Turecek

Publication date: July 1993
ISBN: 9780935702255

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Fred McLafferty’s brilliant little red book trains students how to interpret mass spectra to solve unknowns.  The 4th edition has been a go-to resource for students, instructors and researchers since 1993.

Pages: 371
Language: English
Publisher: University Science Books
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1. Introduction
2. Elemental Composition
3. The Molecular Ion
4. Basic Mechanisms of Ion Fragmentation
5. Postulation of Molecular Structures
6. Auxiliary Techniques
7. Theory of Unimolecular Ion Decompositions
8. Detailed Mechanisms of Ion Fragmentation
9. Mass Spectra of Common Compound Classes
10.Computer Identification of Unknown Mass Spectra
11.Solutions to Unknowns
Bibliography; Appendix; Index

“Strongly recommended…the standard for chemists needing to interpret mass spectra.”

“Professor McLafferty’s text has become a classic for classroom or self study concerned with interpreting mass spectra in order to discern molecular structures or identities of compounds.”
-International Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Fred W. McLafferty

Frantisek Turecek