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A Standard Model Workbook


University Science Books is a leading publisher of books and textbooks for upper level undergraduate and graduate courses that span the physical sciences. With core texts in physics, chemistry, astronomy, environmental sciences and engineering, University Science Books has helped thousands of professors worldwide train the next generation of scientists. In January of 2021, University Science Books joined the AIP Publishing family, a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

If you would like to return to the USB website or order an eBook, click here: https://uscibooks.aip.org/

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Featured titles

Laser Experiments For Beginners
Author: Richard N. Zare
Author: Anthony E. Siegman
Mathematical Methods for Molecular Science
Theory and Applications, Visualizations and Narrative
Author: John E. Straub
Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
Author: Donald A. McQuarrie
Mathematics for Physical Chemistry
Opening Doors
Author: Donald A. McQuarrie
Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules
Author: Nicholas J. Turro, Author: V. Ramamurthy, Author: J.C. Scaiano
Modern Physical Organic Chemistry
Author: Eric V. Anslyn, Author: Dennis A. Dougherty
Modern Physics
For Scientists and Engineer
Author: John R. Taylor, Author: Chris D. Zafiratos, Author: Michael A. Dubson
Molecular Mechanics Across Chemistry
Author: Anthony K. Rappe, Author: Carla J. Casewit
Molecular Origami
Precision Scale Models from Paper
Author: Robert M. Hanson